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French First Lady Carla Bruni   Photo: Villa Grisebach Auktionen, Berlin

French First Lady Carla Bruni Photo: Pamela Hanson

Here in the offices of The Curmudgeon, some female members of the staff might be showing a little skin, but for all practical purposes, they remain fully clothed. If any of them had posed nude at some point and those pictures found their way to the Internet, I would have found them. Not that I’ve looked, you understand.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy

French President Nicholas Sarkozy

Such is not the case for French First Lady Carla Bruni. She was, after all, a professional model before marrying French president Nicolas Sarkozy. The photo in question – Carla Bruni in Bed – is a tasteful black and white soft-focus image of famed photographer Pamela Hanson taken in 1994, and features Bruni draped with white sheets tastefully covering her naughty bits. It’s made me think about many things, including naked pictures of Michele Obama. A little too much, perhaps.

Bidding for the photograph started at $3,380. That seems like a lot, but a

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni

similar photo of Bruni last year sold for a whopping $91,000 smackeroos, so this final price was a little flaccid. Could interest be waning? Has the novelty that is Carla Bruni faded?

So all this has set my mind rolling. About the difference between Europe and the strangling morality of the United States, about the harmful view of “dirty”sex versus the acceptance of violence, and about naked pictures of Michelle Obama. Can you imagine if a nude picture of Mrs. Obama were to surface. We’d really hear about the antichrist then. Look at what we do to our beauty pageant winners if pictures of her boobies turn up. There would be a donnybrook inside a melee wrapped up in a riot. God forbid our children should see a picture of a naked human body, but violence permeates everything, even Saturday morning cartoons.

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni

This example of nudity versus violence in media is a tired one, but no less appropriate. Hundreds of years after the pilgrims – who were Puritans, after all – we still structure our society around their repressive rules. They believed in total depravity: That each of us was born full of sin. And never forget, they were driven out of England and Holland.

As for nude photos of French first lady Carla Bruni, I wouldn’t pay you $19.00 for one. Not to insult her, but her pictures are all over the Internet for free.

And she’s just not my type.

Except for the “female” and “naked” part.

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