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Bubbles, my personal assistant.

Here in the efficient offices of The Curmudgeon, we get things done.  Me, being the boss man—the guy on whom all things depend—have more to do than most people.  Well, all of them actually, but I do sometimes have difficulty finding the time to do the little things required for living in this world, like going to the bank or post office, laundry (Mrs. Crusty don’t do laundry), and washing my privates.  So I have a personal assistant to do these little troublesome tasks for me.

She’s a very efficient, cute young lady very good at what she does.  Okay, she doesn’t wash my privates.  I asked but she balked.  That’s a deal breaker, she said.  But it never occurred to me to hire one while I was in College.  I didn’t have the money anyway, but if I had it would have been invaluable.  All those mundane tasks really cut into my party time.

The thought has occurred to Charlie Cooper, sophomore at Georgetown University.  He placed an ad on the University’s employment resource website.  The school’s newpaper first ran the story, and he has become somewhat famous, at least for the next Warholian 15 minutes.  Everybody is making a big deal about it, but here’s the thing:  They’re giving him a hard time.  Why?  What the heck do you care if the kid hires another kid to do this stuff?

“As my PA you will receive an email once a day by 9:00 am with a task list for that day and a time estimate for each task,” Cooper wrote in the ad.  “Important tasks will be bolded on the list and must be done that  day (even though everything on the list should theoretically be finished on a daily basis). At the end of the day you will send me an email telling me what tasks are incomplete or that all tasks have been completed.”

The Georgetown Voice ran the story on its blog with the headline, “Georgetown sophomore seeks personal assistant, takes premature self-importance to whole new level.”  Some students are mad that this perpetuates the myth that Georgetown students are a bunch of rich kids who can’t do anything for themselves.  Looks to me like he knows exactly how to get things done;  hire somebody to do them for you.

Hey, he’s got a job that he likes, that he wants to keep, and it pays more than he will pay the PA.  That makes good business sense to me.  Get off his back and clean up this dorm room, damnit.

Go ahead and hire a PA, kid, and let all the haters go to the DMV for themselves.

Excuse me a sec, (presses intercom button)  Bubbles, could you come in here a minute.  Scratch right here….

A little to the left…ahhhhhh.

(Information for the story came from The Washington Post, Thursday, Oct. 22, in a story written by Jenna Johnson.)

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