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Saudi Flogging (Photo courtesy of Photobucket.)

Here in the relationship conducive offices of The Curmudgeon, I don’t discourage mingling between the sexes.  Oh, I’d prefer if employees didn’t get to heavily involved with each other, but what are you gonna do?  Ban it?  Come on, that doesn’t work.  Not so in Saudi Arabia, where recently Men and Women were flogged and sentenced to prison for hanging out together at a party.

Four Women and 11 men were flogged and sent to prison.  The men – from 30 to 40 years old – and three of the women – under the age of 30 – where sentenced to an unspecified number of lashes and sentenced to one or two years prison times.  Man, that’s strict.  The fourth woman, a minor, got 80 lashes but escaped prison time.  That was awfully generous of the Saudis, who were probably aching to do some beheading, just because, you know, it’s fun.  “Woo hoo, look at that noggin roll.

The police saw them partying and watched them till dawn, letting them continue to see how far they would go.  I suppose if anyone had had sexual relations they would have used the guillotine, or as the Saudi’s call it, the Great Facilitator.

This is where fanaticism gets you every time. We should keep our eye on our own fanatics.  They are dangerous.

Every time.

(Some information for this story came from the Telegraph.co.uk.)

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