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Boxxy art in a gallery

Boxxy art in a gallery

Here at the opinionated but not acidulous Curmudgeon, we are Internet-savvy in all things Internet. At least I thought so, but I am apparently not, at least not to the professorial degree I thought I was. Perhaps someone on my staff should have filled me in on a couple of things.   I would think that at least the Sexy Nerd Girls down the hall would have told me about this stuff, something other than the poop on the new horn-rimmed glasses.

Let me throw a few words out there for your consideration: Meme. Boxxy. an hero.  I have just learned about these things.   Imagine my embarrassment.  Or don’t. Anyway, what I learned has disturbed the hell out of me.   Most of my new found knowledge comes from fellow HubPages writer Freezepopmorality, and you should click on his link at the bottom of this post for more info than I’m going into here, but we’ll start with the meme “an hero,” with a direct quote from my new acquaintance, Mr. Freezepop, who gave me permission to shamelessly steal from him:

“The an hero meme got its start when a young seventh grader from Minnesota, Mitchell Henderson shot himself for (allegedly) losing his ipod.  Some say bullying was a factor, but when the internet found out Mitchell had lost his ipod earlier, they latched onto this as the reason and began to make fun of him for it.  The situation was exasperated when friends and family left heartwarming, yet terribly misspelled messages on Mitchell’s myspace.  One person famously saying Mitchell was ‘such an hero, to take it all away.  We miss him so, That you should know, And we honor him this day.  He was an hero, to take that shot, to leave us all behind.’  It was from this that the an hero meme began spreading around internet messageboards.” (Don’t let your child become an hero, Freezepopmorality.)

But it didn’t stop there.   They found out where his parents lived and harassed them. People called them claiming to have found an iPod.  One heartless jerk off took a picture of an iPod on the kid’s tombstone and sent it to the parents.  This behavior is, to me, unbelievably heartless and cruel.  Criminal, in fact.

Which brings me to Boxxy, also written about by Mr. Freezepop.   Boxxy became an

Boxxy. Gone but not forgotten.

Boxxy. Gone but not forgotten.

overnight sensation, by accident, you might say.   Suddenly she was everywhere on the Internet.  People either loved her or hated her.  Personally, I think she’s as cute as a button.   But as usual, the people who hated her got up to their usual criminal mischief.  They wanted her to go away and they formed the CBRC (Center for Boxxy Restriction and Control).  Then they hacked into her youtube account and got everything they needed, made a video threatening her with the release of her personal information and sent it to her, saying the information would be released unless she quit making videos and disappeared.

Boxxy obliged.  But the information did get out.   The CBRC denies it released the info, like I believe those malformed morons.  There are now rumors that Boxxy is being harrassed and possibly even being stalked by several REAL people, not virtual people.  Boxxy ain’t coming back.   The CBRC can deny all they want, but they are responsible for anything that happens to her just the same.   The things is, they won’t care.   They’ll laugh.  They’ll think themselves cute.

My account is over-simplified, of course.  Again, follow the link below for more info. Seems to me this behavior, both “an hero” and Boxxy, goes beyond the normal cruelty of boys.   This is cruel beyond pulling the wings off of flies.   This behavoir is in the realm of Dahmer as a boy, devising new ways to kill animals and then eventually people, boiling their flesh off with acid.  It is hate-filled, venom-spit.  I can picture them admiring their photo of an iPod on the teenager’s tombstone, patting each other on the back for their cleverness. It is not funny, clever, creative, or anything remotely redeemable.   It makes my blood boil and saddens me.

To a lesser degree, it’s the same with Boxxy.   What business is it of these people who hate (why all the hatin’?) things to decide what should be on the Internet and what should not?  It’s reminiscent of early societies and land control and domination. They think the Internet is for their benefit, that they own it,  and that they are the abiters of what is allowed to become popular (in Boxxy’s case) and what or what is not allowed as normal behavior.

To them I say, you do not decide what pop culture is. You do not decide what should be popular. The Internet was not meant for you and you do not own it. In fact, you are exactly who the Internet is NOT meant for.  Why don’t you get your bedsore ass off the internet and read a book?  You are not qualified to judge a turd.  You are “an moron.”

Ok, rants over. I did promise “other” horror stories.   Here’s one.   People think lolcats is funny.  Now that’s scary.

To read Freezepopmorality’s work on the subject, go to Don’t let your child become an hero.  Be sure to check out his other meme articles, The Rise and Fall of Boxxy, and Milhouse is Not a Meme is Not a Meme.   Even his lolcats if you insist, and Sexy Nerd Girls is worth a look. A long look.  But if you’re gonna do what I think you’re gonna do, beware the ceiling cat.  He’ll be watching.

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