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Photo by Thomas Hawk, flickr, Fair Use Rights, http://www.flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/4401212638/

Here in the mysterious offices of The Curmudgeon, we are accustomed to people disappearing only to show up two months later, like Jim in the research and development department who went to his office to work on a “new project,” and then wasn’t seen again for two months.  So it was for a Memphis woman who disappeared while staying at a Budget Inn and then showed up two months later—stuffed under the mattress.

The stunning part of the story is that the room had been rented out 3 times and the staff had cleaned the room on several occasions.  That means guests at the motel were sleeping on her corpse.  Finally, motel staff investigated the aroma coming from the room.  Did it really take two months for the body to smell?  Wasn’t there a 1 week smell and a 1 month smell?  Nobody complained to the office about the odor or the lumpy mattress.

The Memphis police are baffled at the whole thing, which the police do very well—they are superb at being baffled, but they do have an awful lot of bizarre crimes going on around them and they’re expected to sort everything out.  Just another of the reasons they shouldn’t be screwing around with busting citizens for harmless activities, oh…like, say, marijuana possession and driving 60 in in a 55 mph zone. Whether the room is now haunted is unknown, but I would guess even her ghost wanted to check out after two months.

On the customer survey card, the ghost would write:  “Stay was not satisfactory.  I was murdered.  Most unpleasant!”  But I imagine the management would try to make it up to her by offering her two free nights.  Of course the customer survey card asks the most pressing question of all:

How did you sleep?

(Information for this story came from myfoxmemphis.com.)

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