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Here in the hectic but not flustered offices of the Curmudgeon, I heard a news item, casually told, that made my head spin like Linda Blair’s.  The news item was something about the Taliban changing tack.  I really don’t pay a lot of attention to these things until something slaps me upside the head and says, “Pay attention!”  So I did.

What I heard was that no longer would the Taliban be beheading barbers for shaving off peoples beards.  WTF? fashion-5 You mean they WERE?  You can argue your cultural differences all you want, but anybody who thinks that was okie doke is whacked.  Seriously wacked.  What has the Taliban putting barbers on the chopping block have to do with that picture up there you ask?  Except for them disapproving of that sort of thing (wonder what they’d cut off in this case?) it has nothing to do with it.  Except that my alert friend Sheena Robins brought this to my attention,
thereby taking me from my normal curmudgeonly state regarding rolling heads into a state of happiness.

It seems the fashion trend for low riders and visible thong straps has taken a new daring step.  Note that my friend is Filipino and most of these pictures appear to have been taken there, proving that the impudent march of western culture will not be stopped.

I, for one, love the statement this daring fashion trend makes.  It says boldly:  I am woman.  I am confident,  I am cute.  Look at my butt.

It wont be long before the fashion trend begins—subtlety at first—on the fringes of the Taliban’s strongholds, like a waiting army, ready for attack, dropping copies of playboy by parachute into enemy territory.  So prepare
yourself, Taliban.  Lock up your women (oh wait, they already do that).  We will attack you with our ladies.  Don’t let the men see the apple. Don’t let them bite the forbidden fruit.  So pray to your made-up God, no matter what name you have given him.  We will simply say…look at our butts.  And the Taliban comes tumbling down.


My friend Sheena Robins, who alerted me to this fashion trend, is about the nicest, sweetest person you could ever hope to meet.  To read her stuff, see her profile page here.  Hey, I like her…you will too.  By the way, that’s not her up there.

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