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geisha juggling

Here in the spacious but not cavernous offices of The Curmudgeon, we are amazed at what people will pay and go through to find someplace to live.   The most recent example of closet camping comes from Delray Beach, Florida, where Sergio Santos rents a closet to live in – like an apartment – for $150 per month.  This is true.

It’s a relatively large closet as closets go – 5 ½ by 14 feet – but still, it’s a closet. Mr. Santos (and yes, I will address him as Mister as he has my admiration for his creativity and fortitude) has done what he can with the space.  This comes as no surprise since he is an architect and has designed housing projects, high rises and office buildings, but he lost his job and now works as a waiter.  His skill as an architect has served him well closet-wise.  He has designed the interior of his castle (for a man’s home is his castle) to now have a bedroom, office and mini-kitchen.  Oh, he’s livin’ the high life all right, and he has cable TV, Internet service, a computer, mini-fridge, and a microwave.

He spent a total of $64 using recycled parts.  Of course, I suppose it could get a little awkward after a date and he is asked, “My place or yours.”  Definitely yours.   Heck, maybe he’ll get his own TV show: Pimp My Closet.

But Wait…It Gets Weirder

But then there is this story from Japan.  Sadder, yes, but much more remarkable too.  A Japanese man became puzzled when food continually turned up missing from his kitchen over several months.  He installed some security cameras that transmitted to his mobile phone.  One day after he left, he noticed someone moving about in his apartment and, thinking it was a burglar, called the police.

The police found the doors and windows locked, but went in and began a room to room search.   They searched everywhere a person could possibly hide.   Finally they slid open a shelf closet, there she was hiding on the top compartment.  Thing is, she had been living there for a year.  Furthermore, she had put a mattress in the small place and apparently took showers.   She was described by the police as “neat and clean.”

For some reason, I can only imagine a Japanese person being able to get away with this.  I’m not sure why that is.   Maybe it’s all the old Kung-Fu television show, or life-long training as a Geisha. You know, walk across this rice paper without tearing it training.  I’m impressed by this woman too.   To live like in a closet for a year with out being detected is remarkable.

Excellent, Grasshopper.

(Photo Credit: Geisha Juggling, flickr, Okanawa Soba)

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