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Hermaphrodite Endormi at the Lourve  Photoby Tiquetonne2067/vlickr

Hermaphrodite Endormi at the Lourve Photo by Tiquetonne2067/flickr

Here at The Curmudgeon, I have often written about women and men’s fascination with them, particularly their bodies, perhaps ad nauseam.  I have spent an equal amount of time justifying my apparent compulsion by explaining my belief that if you look at what women are doing, that will tell you a lot about men, and taken together you will learn about our society.

Les Trois Grâces - Jean-Jacques Pradier - 1792-1852  Photo byTiquetonne2067

Les Trois Grâces - Jean-Jacques Pradier - 1792-1852 Photo byTiquetonne2067

I also haven’t shied away from saying that I’m a hound dog and I just plain like looking at women’s bodies.  I’ll say again that this does not make me a perv – though perv I may be – but rather it is simply the way men are hardwired, the same way that ants just do what ants do.  The same is true of women:  we all pretty much are the same as we have always been since time began.

With that crap out of the way, let’s get to the butts.  Women’s butts.  Do guys like ’em?  Yes we do.  Are women concerned with the way their butts look?  Yes they are.  Do both women and men appraise, evaluate, and judge women’s butts?  Certainly.  Which brings me to this news item as reported by UPI.com (United Press International).  In Swansea, Wales, a woman has received a $33,000 grant to create plaster casts of womens buttocks.  No shi_….oh, poor choice of words.

Courtesy of picfor.me

Courtesy of picfor.me

I know why I would want a grant to take plaster casts of women’s buttocks, but why does she?  In her words, “The project is taking on the issues around the bottom and how it is viewed in contemporary culture and viewed by the male,” she said. “For example, it is quite clear that the bottom is sacrosanct to the African man and woman.” (UPI)

Hey, wait a cotton pickin’ minute.  Sacrosanct in African cultures?  I’d say it’s pretty sacrosanct in my culture too.  Just because we don’t write as many songs about our callipygian fetishism, we don’t like butts?  But we do, we do.  No butts about it.  It’s just that instead of saying, “Yo, booty.  She got some junk in her trunk,” we say, “Oh, my, those are shapely buttocks worthy of the great artists of the Renaissance!”  It’s not less passionate…just more classy.

Courtesy of picfor.me

Courtesy of picfor.me

The money for the grant comes from lottery proceeds which are supposed to be used for a good cause, and apparently some people don’t think it’s a good cause at all.  I happen to think it is for a good cause.  I mean, you can throw out all that stuff about buttocks being sacrosanct.  We like ’em and there’s no need to understand why, but simply taking plaster casts of women’s buttocks is a good thing.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because I want to take plaster casts of women’s buttocks and get paid for it.

This makes me think that these butt casts will need some breast casts to go along with them.  When is the deadline for grant submissions in Wales?

File this one under: Why the hell didn’t I think of that.

(Photo Credits:  Top photo, Hermaphrodite Endormi by Tiquetonne2067/flickr /Les Trois Grâces – Jean-Jacques Pradier – 1792-1852 (détail), Tiquetonne2067/flickr

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