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The largest full moon of the year is tonight, Friday, always a freaky day to begin with. I left the Curmudgeon offices early, not to get home and gaze upon the spectacular, made-of-cheese orb in the sky, but because at least half of the staff here turns into werewolves during full moons (of course Bitsy makes such a cute little werewolf I just want to take her home and…I don’t know…give her a Milkbone or something).

The reason it’s the biggest of the year is, naturally, because it’s closer. 16,840 miles closer to be exact, give or take a couple of yards (NASA is surprisingly anal about these things). That makes it 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than other full moons. But does a full moon really effect things on earth?

Well…yea. For one thing, the tides will be higher because the gravity of the moon and sun pull the tides higher. Beaches will be dirtier too (because the tides are higher). But what about the wackos? Do they come out during a full moon? Werewolves aside, do people get a little crazier?

Ask any police officer or emergency room worker and they will tell you that, yes, without a doubt, the full moon brings out the weirdos and more crazy stuff happens.

While there is no proof, anecdotal information tells us otherwise, at least it tells me and I am a firm believer in anecdotal information. Recently, the BBC reported that some British police stations have decided to add extra officers on nights with a full moon.

Some suggest that the difference is more perceived than real. Belief in the moon’s influence is an ancient one, and common in many cultures including our own so we look for evidence that the full moon myths are true. Party poopers!

In a British study, animal bites were found to have sent twice as many British people to the emergency room during full Moons compared with other days. Now they aren’t making that up (and apparently British researchers have a lot of time to study full moons and animals biting British bums during them). Furthermore, not only are animals twice as dangerous during a full Moon, they seem to warm up their canine teeth in the days prior.

There is one explanation that kind of makes sense and it has to do with statistics, not lunacy. People are more active during full moons than moonless nights. An especially beautiful full moon may draw families out into the night to gaze upon it in stupefied wonder, and lovers to local necking spots (do lovers still go to necking spots, or do they just get a room)? Muggers and other criminals who ply their trade at night also use the moon’s illumination to carry out their dirty deeds. OK. Makes some sense.

Go out and take a look at the moon right now. Or if not, don’t fret. You can still catch it on Saturday, but keep your fangs in your mouth.

As for me, I DO believe that a full moon brings out the nut cases and makes all of our synapses misdirect a little bit. But that’s me. Plus, half my staff are werewolves!

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