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The last thing Hoffman protested was Anne Bancrofts leg.

The last thing Hoffman protested was Anne Bancrofts leg.

Here in the enamored but not star-struck offices of The Curmudgeon, the entire staff gathered round the big screen TV in the conference room to watch the Oscars.   We call it the conference room but really it’s more of a party room, with Sam Adams and Guinness on tap.  I hardly paid attention though, for while everyone else was busy dissing the ladies gowns and watching to see who took home little gold statues, I was busy checking out the new brunette who works down the hall in the 4th office on the right and looks something like…well…a statue.   A very nice statue.   But more than that, I was looking to see who was wearing little peace signs during the really big shew.

Dustin Hoffman lead a silent anti-war protest at the awards.  Will Smith, Cate Blanchette, Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Taylor (who invited her) have all vowed to stay away from the biggest event on the Tinseltown calendar. Many of those still planning to attend the now “low-key” event–including Hoffman, Ben Affleck and Julianne Moore–intended to make a “silent demo” by wearing pins in the shape of a peace symbol.   Peace, my brother.

Many others have already gotten dresses and attire keyed down from the usual “look at me and my Armani” $100,000 dollar duds.  The sad thing is, they’ll be raked over the coals by the fashionistas in all the rag papers and websites tomorrow.  Like any of those nobodys should have an opinion anyway.  It’s as sad as watching the Oscars with a couple of old queens and listening to them criticise the beautiful people (not that there’s anything wrong with being an old queen.)  It can be funny as hell at first.  But then it just seems sad.

The thing is, I was too busy checking out the new statuesque brunette to notice if anybody was wearing peace signs.  Did anyone notice?

Meanwhile, on the Friday, 20th, across this company town at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences offices, handicapped persons protested giving Jerry Lewis the Humanitarian Award at the Oscars   The group, called The Trouble With Jerry, has long taken issue with Lewis’ depiction of the handicapped as pitiful, who has gone as far as describing disabled people as “half a person” and wheelchairs as “steel imprisonment.”   Lewis, who doesn’t take criticism well, has snarled at the criticizers,  “You don’t want to be pitied because you’re a cripple in a wheelchair?  Stay in your house!”  Hey, Lady!

Down boy.  Ok.   They have a point.   Jerry has a point, and has raised a lot of money for muscular dystrophy.   Can’t we all just get along?   I don’t have any business putting in my two cents, and that’s something those Hollywood tabloid reporters should remember late tonight when they’re writing their sniping commentary.

So, do the actor’s have any business sticking their powdered noses–real or fake–into politics?   It used to piss me off.   I was of the opinion that they should just shut up and act.   But you know what?   While the American people were being fed a big pile of excrement  (ha…I’m feeling like not saying “shit” today,)  at least some “show business” people were speaking up.   Turns out they were right.   Somebody’s got to do it, and if you and I don’t, then who will?   The “Show Business” people.   That’s who.

And just who am I to criticise the criticisers, when I am a criticiser myself?  I’m just a mug with a blog.   Maybe that should be my new catch phrase…right under the title.   The Crusty Curmudgeon – Just a Mug with a Blog.  Has a nice ring to it.

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