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Baby cougar at the Houston Zoo/Photograpy by KRO-Media

We reward loyalty here in the noble offices of The Curmudgeon, and employees who speak about us and say good things—or better yet, get in bar fights defending our honor—are well-thanked in their Christmas stockings as well as in their quarterly bonus checks.  Only I can’t say it was for getting in a bar fight—our accountant frowns on that—so we call it  “customer awareness seminar.”  But in any case, I have never met a human as noble or loyal as a good dog.

Such was the case for little 11 year-old Austin Forman of Boston Bar, B.C.  According to BCB News, he was performing the simple task of gathering firewood from the woodshed and taking it to the house when his dog, Angel began following him to and fro, hackles raised, wary, strung as tight as tension wire.

Suddenly, the dog ran right at the boy, jumped over a lawn mower, and found itself in a fight to the death with a cougar.  Whilst the dog fought the cougar for the boy’s life, the boy ran inside where his mother called 911.  When the RCMP arrived, they found the cougar had dragged the dog under the porch and was gnawing on its neck.  An officer immediately shot the cougar, dispatching it to the big game park in the sky.

The boy was not hurt.  The dog, Angel…was okay too, suffering some puncture woulds on her head, neck and one of hind legs.  Her name was Angel?  Okay, I’m not gonna go there.  You go there and write me about it.  It warms the cockles of my heart. (A cockle being a bi-valve mollusk shaped like a heart which is not the nicest image.  If anyone has cockles on their heart, they should go to the emergency room.)

Loyalty like that is rarely seen in a human, which is kind of sad.  Of course there is one tragedy here…the Cougar, who, let’s face it, had every right to be there and was only doing what cougars do.  Us humans keep encroaching on nature and confrontations have to be expected.  But let me not get too far off the mark here:

Angel is a hero dog.

I like that.

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