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Lesbian Kiss by PORKON666/Photobucket

Lesbian Kiss by PORKON666/Photobucket

Here in the progressive offices of The Curmudgeon, we are tolerant of other people’s sexual proclivities but we’re not exactly activists.  “To each his own” is our motto.  Live and let live.  If you’re not hurting others, then you’re not hurting me, etc. etc.  We write about modern culture and those who affect it but we do not judge (Ok, that’s not true but it sounds good.)  That being said, I have just read this absurdity which makes me want to stick my nose in somebody’s business.  They’re hurting me now.  What are they hurting exactly?  They are hurting my fantasy of Kate Perry kissing a girl.  That’s what.  And that makes me angry.

attitude_180Ditto Plus Kate Makes Hate

Beth Ditto said in Attitude magazine (hmmm, wonder what that magazine is about?)  “I hate Katy Perry! [She’s one of those] straight girls who like to turn guys on by … faking gay.”  She went on to say “’I Kissed A Girl’ is a Boner dyke anthem for straight girls who like to turn guys on by making out or, like, faking gay,” adding that, “She’s [Perry] just riding on the backs of our culture, without having to pay any of the dues and not being actually lesbian or anything at all.”  You mean that actually happens?  Two straight girls kiss and it turns hetero guys on?  Get out!

kate perryI have to admit, all I know of Kate Perry is she’s cute and she recorded the song, “I Kissed a Girl.”  I never heard of Ditto, so I looked up her picture.  EGAD!

It’s all making sense now.  Ditto is a seriously unattractive thing, not only physically, but as a person.  I actually have difficulty looking at her. When I first saw her picture, I thought it was a picture of Devine, the transvestite late actor famous from Jon Waters’ films.  You, Ditto, have turned to lesbianism because no man will have you.  There isn’t enough flour to roll you around in before having sex.  That’s an old joke. Figuring out the punch line is up to you.

Kate Perry 3She Kissed A Girl & I Liked It

You accuse Perry of riding on the backs of (your) culture?  Well you certainly couldn’t ride on her back…you’d crush her, but as has been established, her culture wouldn’t have you.  But yours would have her.  It would have her good.  It would have her six ways till Sunday.  That pisses you off.  And that’s why you have opened your gaping maw in the first place.

Kate Perry 2And you hate her? Seriously?  Exactly which culture’s back are you riding on?  It’s OK to be gay, but lesbians don’t have “dibs” on kissing other women.  If a straight girl wants to kiss another girl – whether or not it turns guys on is immaterial – then that is their right, but you would deny others their rights while espousing your own.  Shame on you, Jabba.

You should shut your pie hole and waddle your porcine self back into the closet.  You can come back out when you learn how to play nice.

(TOP PHOTO: Lesbian Kiss by PORKON666, Photobucket)

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