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The street sign for Butt Hole Road

The street sign for Butt Hole Road

Here in the offices of The Curmudgeon, we cull the world’s news sources daily to bring you the one story that will provide you deep pleasure, and that is why I bring you this story today.  The Daily Mail Reporter tells the story of a group of residents whose tolerance was stretched to the limits by the name of their street: Butt Hole Road.  In the end they were unable to stand it any longer and finally yelled their safe word, enough!  It was too much for them to take.

Groups of youths would come by the street and bare their backsides for photographs.  Many delivery firms refused to believe it existed.  Phone calls came in the middle of the night and awakened residents with hilarious jokes. And after a picture of the street sign appeared in a U.S. Book, busloads of amused and satisfied tourists showed up as part of their tours.

Yes, the residents of Butt Hole Road had seen and heard it all, and tired of the poking, the prodding, the emotional pounding, the spiritual reaming, and they finally voted to change the name of the street.  What did they change it to?  Poop Chute?  Hershey Highway?  The Chocolate Chunnel?  Nope.  They changed it the very sensible “Archers Way.”

Gone are the pranksters, the wise cracks, the pains in the arse, and the coach tours.  Once again, the lives of the residents of the former Butt Hole Road have returned to normal.  But maybe not for long.  An Internet petition is already underway to change the name back.

Incidentally, the name is thought to have come from an old communal water butt – a large cask used to collect rainwater – that was originally in the area..  I wounder if they’ll miss the name.  The attention. The humor.  The smiles on the faces of those who thought of butt holes and naming roads after them.

I think I’m going to petition to have the name of my street changed.

To Dickwad Drive.

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